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We apologise in advance should your order be delayed or cancelled. This may happen to air flown items with flights delayed or products are in bad quality upon arrival. We also do not like this type of hiccup but not preventable in fresh produce business. In the event of any cancellation, your order would be refunded back to you.

If there is a problem with your order, please get in touch with us by Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or Email and we would resolve it for you promptly.


Your juicing needs

Juice regularly for good health! Check out our juicing recipes.

Better quality

Handling fruits the right way - it is a big part of how we operate. From farm, to our facilities, to the drivers and finally to you, great care is taken every step of the supply chain.

Healthy snacking

We believe in healthy snacking - Let us know your budget (minimum $0.60 per fruit or $3 per fruit pack)

Do let us know if there are any products you are looking for and we can source it specially for you.

Knowing what's best

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