Featured Fruit of the month: ORANGES

Sunkist is a brand of citrus in the US that has become really well known worldwide. December marks the beginning of the Navel orange season in the US. A simple guide – Navels are usually used for eating while the Valencias are mainly used for oranges. A particular variety called the Barnfield Navel is getting very popular because of the high level of sweetness it has.

Other fruits which are popular this month are:

Apples – USA, China, France, Italy
Citrus – USA, Spain, Egypt, Taiwan, China, Australia (Valencia orange)
Berries – South America, New Zealand, USA, Korea
Cherries – Australia, South America, New Zealand
Grapes – USA, Spain
Stonefruits – USA, Spain, Italy, Australia
Avocadoes – Australia, South Africa
Persimmons – Korea, Japan, Spain
Kiwifruit – Italy, New Zealand