Featured Fruit of the month: MANDARINS

It’s mandarin season and during this time you can find mandarins from China, Taiwan, Japan and even Spain. Try the Taiwan Ponkan, a perfect gift for Chinese New Year and the premium Tankan mandarin with a pointed head. Japanese mandarins, also known as Mikan, are plentiful from prefectures such as Wakayama and Fukuoka and can be sweet, juicy and affordable!

Other fruits which are popular this month are:

Apples – USA, China, France, Italy
Citrus – USA, Spain, Egypt, Taiwan, China, Australia (Valencia orange)
Berries – Korea, New Zealand, USA (year round), South America, Japan
Cherries – Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand
Grapes – Australia, South Africa
Stonefruits – Australia, South Africa
Avocadoes – Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Israel
Persimmons – Korea, Japan, Israel, Spain
Kiwifruit – Italy