Featured Fruit of the month: GRAPES

There are a huge variety of grapes available from USA and Japan in August like the Crimson, Sugarone and Autumn Royal. You can request for a larger sized grape that will be perfect as a premium gift to your friends. For a really delicious treat, try the Sun Muscat, Delaware or Kyoho grapes from Japan. The Kyoho grape has a wine-like flavor and is normally consumed without the skin.

Other fruits which are popular this month are:

Apples – New Zealand, South Africa
Citrus – Australia, South Africa, South America, USA (Valencia orange)
Berries – USA, Australia
Cherries – USA, Canada
Grapes – USA, Spain
Stonefruits – USA, Spain
Avocadoes – Australia, South Africa
Kiwifruit – New Zealand, Chile