Be a Fruit Agent

Due to popular demand, we are offering an income opportunity for anyone, to be a Fruit Agent. 

By being a Fruit Agent, you undertake to:
a) provide good service to our customers 
b) assist to coordinate the collection of fruits from your location, by our customers
c) promote exclusively Fruit Club as the preferred fruit vendor for your friends and contacts
d) ensure that the fruits are kept in a cool place and well taken care of before collection by the customers 
e) We will collect orders from our site, payment included, and deliver to your location for collection by the customers 
f) You are allowed to collect orders from your own contacts however you have to place the order with Fruit Club first before the delivery to you is arranged

A 10% commission would be payable to you end of each week for orders from your own contacts and also orders collected from our site. 

To be a Fruit Agent, please sign up using this link-


How it works:

The items available for "Fruit Agent" ordering would be in a separate category called "Group Buy orders" on our webpage. 

Order by Sunday 2359 hours, and the fruits would be delivered in 2 batches: once on Friday afternoon (4-6pm) and Saturday afternoon (2-4pm). Customers must collect on Friday 6-9pm or Saturday 4-7pm. 

How to place order:

To place an order conveniently online, please visit for the list of products and remember to select the Fruit Agent name during checkout. We will gradually increase the list of items sold under this arrangement. 

To place an order through your Fruit Agent and pay him/her directly, please contact the nearest Fruit Agent to you:

Bukit Timah

To be confirmed