How to do Group Buy Purchase

To purchase through a Group Buy agent

How it works:

The items available for "Fruit Agent" ordering would be in a separate category called "Group Buy orders" on our webpage.

Order by Wednesday 11.59pm and the fruits would be delivered on Friday around 1-2pm at the Group Buy Location. Customers must collect on Friday 2-6pm. 

Order by Sunday 11.59pm and the fruits would be delivered on Tuesday around 1-2pm at the Group Buy Location. Customers must collect on Tuesday 2-6pm

For later collections or other arrangements, please liaise directly with the Group Buy agent. 

How to place order:

Please join your area’s group chat and each team leader will take your order, collect payment from you and liaise with you for your deliveries.

You can also place order on our website and indicate which group leader you are collecting from. 


FruitClub Group Buy whatsapp groups

Due to security reasons, the only way to find out the nearest Group Buy to you is to join this FB group and we would advise you there.





Due to popular demand, we are offering an income opportunity for anyone, to be a Fruit Agent. 

By being a Fruit Agent, you undertake to:
a) provide good service to our customers 
b) assist to coordinate the collection of fruits from your location, by our customers; or have our drivers drop off directly to a few units in the same building 
c) promote exclusively Fruit Club as the preferred fruit vendor for your friends and contacts
d) ensure that the fruits are kept in a cool place and well taken care of before collection by the customers if they are to be collected from your location 
e) Customers would order directly with you and pay you, after which you would place an order through the site with your individual Group Agent code. 

To be a Fruit Agent, please sign up using this link-



您只要为顾客提供好的服务,提供水果的资料和介绍,并帮顾客订货, 让顾客从您那里取货,并确保水果新鲜,收藏在阴凉的地方,等待客人来领取。

团购团长必须能够自己从我们的网页订货,并能够通过 WHATSAPP 与总部沟通。要参加,请在这里报名: