FC Premium Fruit Group Buy - 1 set (self collect)

FC Premium Fruit Group Buy - 1 set (self collect)

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FC Premium Fruit Group Buy

5 pc Envy Apple Jumbo Size $20
2 pkt Jumbo Blueberry $15 
800g USA Cherries Large $28 
18pc USA Navel Orange small $15
3pc USA peach $15
800g NZ Gold Kiwi Standard Size $15
Above is 1 set (approx values are estimated and total around $108)

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Our advice is to eat the cherries first, then the kiwifruit/blueberries/peaches, and lastly the apples/oranges which are more hardy. Peaches can be kept in the fridge and leave at room temperature for 1-2 days for them to become softer, juicier and nicer to eat. 

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